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Governor Generoso
House in Luzon Philippines Anvaya Cove is Ayala Land Premier’s first venture in leisure development. Its unique “mountains meet the sea” topography gives it the features of both a mountain retreat and a seaside resort. A seaside residential community like no other, Anvaya Cove encompasses 470 hectares, from a 3.5 kilometer coastline to a peak elevation of over 130 meters above sea level. The development offers neighborhoods with distinctive environments set against stunning views of the mountains of the Bataan range and the waters of Subic Bay. Careful planning has gone into keeping the natural lay of the land - splendid panoramas, open expanses, wetlands teeming with life, abundant forests -seamlessly transitioning into the architectural guidelines of the development. The homes and other structures are woven into the terrain using the airy and inviting Asian Tropical design aesthetic done in a palette of soft, earthy tones. Rolling asphalt roads and low-impact pedestrian paths preserve the natural beauty of the site. These verdant swathes of land encourage family bonding to flow from indoors to outdoors and easily into the activities and discoveries of the Anvaya Cove Beach & Nature Club found at its center.
San Vicente
Hi China Boayan
250m2 lot with 30m2 cottage. Boayan is a paradise, and now you can buy your own cottage here. The price is for the lot with the cottage. You can also just buy the lot. We both have lots that you own by yourself and lots rented on 25 years contracts. Due to Governmental rules. The prices are quite similar because the rented ones have a more unique location. But for sure the other ones are very well located also. Read more about everything here: Hi China is a nick name, but if you go with a boat straight north from the property you will not enter land before you arrive in the Fujian province in China. Stright to the west you will arrive in the Ho Chi Minh area in Vietnam. For more information please contact: +639212398167 or